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Vantage Rise NSP Overview

Qualico Communities is pursuing the development and approval of a Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) for the proposed community of Vantage Rise located in southwest Airdrie. The proposed Vantage Rise NSP is a statutory plan that will guide the development of approximately 160 acres of land upon approval by the City of Airdrie. The Vantage Rise NSP lands are the first portion of the Airdrie Southwest Community Area Structure Plan (SW CASP) to proceed to the next phase of development.

Vantage Rise NSP Details

The Vantage Rise area is envisioned to be a connected, amenity-rich community that offers a variety of housing, street types and open spaces reflecting a distinct neighbourhood character to approximately 3,000 people. The neighbourhood design prioritizes a high level of connectivity, a rich variety of amenities for walking, biking, and transit connections. The Vantage Commons commercial will act as a focal point for the neighbourhood, supporting the needs of Vantage Rise residents, and surrounding neighbourhoods. Open spaces such as the recreational pathway surrounding the storm pond and civic level open space area will be activated by uses within the commercial centre, creating opportunities for visitors to shop, play, socialize, and be active.

The Vantage Rise NSP plan area consists of approximately 160 acres of land situated in the southwest portion of Airdrie. Yankee Valley Boulevard is north, and 24 Street is to the east of the plan area. The West Hills CASP area is located north of Yankee Valley Boulevard and is planned for future residential development and commercial development.

A Land Use Concept illustrates the general location of proposed land uses, open space areas, streets and pathways. The proposed land use concept for Vantage Rise is comprised mostly of residential uses, including a mix of low and medium density dwelling options ranging from single-family detached to low-rise multifamily development.  These residential uses are woven together by various parks and pathways that connect residents to amenities such as the community school and Village Commons commercial centre.

Project Goals & Process

The proposed Vantage Rise Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) is a statutory document that upon approval from the City of Airdrie, will provide a detailed framework to guide the development of approximately 160 acres of land.

The Vantage Rise NSP lands are the first portion of the Airdrie Southwest Community Area Structure Plan (SW CASP) to proceed to the next phase of planning for development. The SW CASP provides the policy framework for the Vantage Rise NSP. The NSP will include a land use concept and detailed planning information that will guide future applications for zoning and subdivision and address the following:

  • Community vision and guiding principles
  • Policy and regulatory framework
  • Plan area conditions, opportunities and constraints
  • Surrounding area conditions, opportunities and constraints
  • Residential land uses, density and projected population
  • Non – residential land uses, employment density and projected jobs
  • Open space network and conceptual programming
  • School Site Allocation
  • Mobility – Pedestrian and vehicular circulation
  • Water, Sanitary and Stormwater utility servicing systems
  • Phasing of development within plan area

A Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) is required for all residential development contained within a CASP area. The NSP is in alignment with the Southwest CASP, however provides increased details regarding land use, housing mix, density, transportation, and development timing, among other things. Following approval of an NSP, the developer must acquire subdivision and Development Permit approval prior to any construction taking place.

Calgary Regional Growth Plan – 2022

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) was established in 2018 with the intent to provide direction for future development within the Calgary Metropolitan Region and to ensure collaboration between member municipalities. The board is comprised of elected officials representing numerous municipalities, including the City of Airdrie, Rocky View County, and the City of Calgary.  The Regional Growth Plan was approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and has been effect since August 15th 2022. The Growth Plan is regulated by the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Regulation (Alberta Regulation 190/2017 of the Municipal Government Act).

The Vantage Rise lands fall within what is identified as a Joint Planning Area (JPA) in the Regional Plan. This designation is used to signify locations of preferred growth based on opportunities for intermunicipal collaboration on regionally significant considerations. The SW CASP was reviewed and approved by the CMRB in August of 2021, therefore alignment with the SW CASP reflects alignment with the Regional Growth Plan values.

Airdrie Growth Management Strategy – 12 Thousand Acres Plan

The Airdrie City Plan (MDP) sets out the goals and objectives for all aspects of the municipality’s development and provides policy direction to guide the City’s growth. The MDP was ammended by the City in 2014, and most recently amended in 2018. It is the overarching planning document that guides decision-making to create liveable, sustainable communities within Airdrie. Following the approval of the AirdrieOne Sustainability Plan, the City Plan was rewritten to incorporate sustainability and smart growth principles in the land development process.

Policies within the City Plan guide future statutory and non-statutory planning documents including Neighbourhood Structure Plans (NSPs). The City Plan identifies the Vantage Rise lands as part of the Residential Future Growth Area. This land use designation represents lands within the 2012 annexation area that are expected to support residential development within the 75,000 to 90,000 population planning horizons.

Southwest Community Structure Plan (SW CASP)

The Southwest CASP (SW CASP) was approved by City of Airdrie Council in August of 2021, representing one of the largest planning areas the City has approved, covering approximately 1,600 acres of land in southwest Airdrie. Visit the main site to learn more about the plan, and view the final approved Southwest CASP.

Airdrie Land Use Bylaw

Lands within the Vantage Rise NSP are currently designated as General Agriculture District (AG).

Get Involved

Thank you for attending the virtual open house on February 21, 2023. The presentation slides are available here, and a What We Heard Report summarizing feedback will be shared on the website as we advance through the NSP approval process.

Project Updates

Approval Process Dates – March 20, 2023

The City of Airdrie Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) will consider the Vantage Rise NSP on Thursday, April 6, 2023 and City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, April 17, 2023. Following MPC consideration and public hearing, Council may consider a second reading of the Vantage Rise NSP. If you have any questions or comments regarding the NSP or approval process, please submit them to



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